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Volvox Meeting

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The Third International Volvox Conference was held in Cambridge, UK, between August 19-22; see http://www.damtp.cam.ac.uk/user/ah659/volvoxindex.html for full program. For pictures from the meeting activities click here.



The Second International Volvox Conference (Volvox 2013) will be held in Fredericton, New Brunswick (Canada), between July 31st - August 3rd, 2013. For more information visit the Conference page at http://www.unbf.ca/vip/IVC2013/index.htm 



The first international meeting on Volvox and its relatives was held at the Biosphere 2 (Arizona, USA) December 1st - 4th, 2011.

To find more information visit the First International Volvox Conference page at http://www.unbf.ca/vip/IVC/index.htm




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