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Page history last edited by Aurora Nedelcu 9 years, 6 months ago


Volvocaceae genera (Credit: Annette Coleman): 

Astrephomene gubernaculifera, B. Gonium sociale, C. Gonium octonarium, D. Gonium pectorale, E. Platydorina caudata, F. Yamagishiella unicocca, G. Volvulina steinii, H. colony motility diagram, I. Pandorina morum, J. Pleodorina/Eudorina illinoisensis, K. Eudorina elegans, L. Pleodorina californica, M. Volvox carteri.  Figures A through K all the same magnification, L. is ½, and M. is 1/10. Diagram of colony structure (flagellar bases and stigma); swimming direction and rotation indicated by arrows.

Representative colonial volvocalean algae (Credit: Aurora Nedelcu)


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