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Wiki Help

This section covers the main WikiStyles used in this wiki. Additional information can be found on The wiki style page.


Creating a New Page

  • Click the New Page button at the top of the page


Editing a Page

  • Click the Edit Page button at the top of the page.


Formatting Text

Text is formatted by surrounding it in special symbols

Font StyleCodeResult
Bold**Text** Text
Italic''Text'' Text
Underlined__Text__ Text
Strikethrough-Text- Text


Creating Links to Wiki Pages

  • Use a CamelCase word (a compound word where each word is capitalized), such as NewPage, which creates: NewPage.
  • Enclosing a word in brackets, such as [newpage], results in: newpage.


Note: If this page does not exist in the wiki, it will be created when a user clicks on it.


Creating Links to External Sites

  • Insert the link location (e.g. http://www.google.ca), and link name (e.g. Google) in a bracket and separate them with the bar symbol "|"



Adding [http://www.google.ca|Google] would create the link Google.


Creating Headers

  • Put exclamation marks (!) at the beginning of a line
  • More than one exclamation mark (!!, !!!, !!!!, etc.) will create sequentially smaller headings.



!Wiki Help will give you a large heading, while !!Creating a new Page makes to a smaller one. Both of these examples are used in this page.


Uploading Images

  • When you are editing a page, click on the "add images" link on the right hand bar.
  • Browse for the file on your computer, and then click "Upload"
  • The uploaded image should now be


Using Images

  • On the "add images" page (see above), find your uploaded image (below the "Upload" button), right click on it, and select "Copy Image Location" (Firefox), or "Copy Shortcut" (Internet Explorer)
  • When editing a page, paste the image location and surround it in brackets



Adding [http://volvocales.pbwiki.com/f/plate2.jpg] would result in the image being displayed.


  • Additionally, if you would like to add an image to the Volvocales pages, simply replace the text with image link in this code at the top of the page <IMG SRC="replace this text with image link" ALIGN=RIGHT>



Add <IMG SRC="http://volvocales.pbworks.com/f/plate2.jpg" ALIGN=RIGHT>


Try It Out!


Feel free to use the SandBox to try it out!

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