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People/Laboratories working with Volvocales:


Annette W. Coleman - Brown University, USA

Alexei Desnitski - Biological Institute, Russia

Raymond Goldstein - University of Cambridge, UK

Armin Hallmann - University of Bielefeld, Germany

Matt Herron - University of British Columbia, Canada

John Kessler - University of Arizona, USA

David L. Kirk - Washington University, USA

Stephen M. Miller - University of Maryland, USA

Aurora Nedelcu - University of New Brunswick, Canada

Ichiro Nishii - RIKEN Institute, Japan

Hisayoshi Nozaki - University of Tokyo, Japan

Richard Michod - University of Arizona, USA

Cristian Solari - University of Arizona, USA

David Roy Smith - University of British Columbia, Canada

Manfred Sumper - Universit├Ąt Regensburg, Germany

Jim Umen-Salk Institute, USA

Pierre Durand - University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, SOuth Africa 

Patrick Ferris - University of Arizona, USA

 Bradley J.S.C. Olson- Kansas State University, USA

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